Approved Lenders List

With so many lenders out there.  It's hard to know if the appraiser you find will meet the standards of your lender.  Here is a partial list of lenders we often deal with,  We are constantly being added to new lists.

Partial list, not limited to:

  1. Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp.
  2. Amerifirst Financial
  3. American Savings
  4. Bank of America
  5. Capital Trust
  6. Chase Bank
  7. City Mortgage Services
  8. Colonial Mortgage
  9. Express Funding
  10. Fortune Bank
  11. Franklin Turst Mortgage Corp
  12. GMAC Mortgage
  13. Golden Rule Mortgage
  14. Household Mortgage Services, Inc.
  15. JPM Chase Bank
  16. Lend America
  17. Lenders Choice Network
  18. MBNA America
  19. National City Mortgage
  20. Option One Mortgage Corp.
  21. Platinum Group Associates
  22. Source One Mortgage Services Corp.
  23. SouthTrust Mortgage Corp.
  24. Sterling Asset & Equity
  25. Sterling Mortgage Services
  26. Suntrust Bank
  27. Wachovia Bank
  28. Washington Mutual
  29. Wells Fargo

Please call if your lender is not listed.